Idina used to go down To Boca Raton every winter.
Idina hates the word ‘armpit’; she thinks it’s a horrible word.
Parents got a divorce when Idina was 15 years old
Father, Stuart Mentzel, sells pajamas for a living; Mother, Helene Mentzel, is a psychologist
Broke a rib on her left side by falling through a trap door during one of her last performances of Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway [January 8, 2005]
Idina and her Rent co-star, Adam Pascal, attended the same High School and even had the same orthodontist!
She wears size 8.5 (US) shoes and has 40+ pairs
Idina is left-handed
Height: 5’5″
Idina was slated to star in a TV pilot for FOX called “Bev”, however she left the production before it could get made. She would have played the title character, who is a young woman making a new life for herself while raising 3 children from 3 different husbands.
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